European Lab forum 2017 : the program



More than 100 speakers, authors, researchers, journalists, entrepreneurs, artists and activists present their ideas and projects to put into perspective what will make tomorrow's culture in Europe.


Do Lab

This year, European Lab Pro becomes the Do Lab! Accessible to all, the Do Lab offers workshops, trainings and inspiration to explore the main subjects of the forum and move from theory to practice !


Radio Lab

This media hub is an open space for the general public and welcomes many guests, continues the debates of the forum and broadcasts all the exchanges live.


Special formats

Performances, radio documentary on stage, prospective court ... European Lab explores hybrid formats for conveying ideas, experiencing experiences and sharing emotions.



European Lab is an incubator and aggregator of contents and communities. The forum invites initiatives, opportunities and projects to be realized in a collaborative approach.



Young people building tomorrow's Europe ! 

Friday 26th of may, 1pm-4:30pm


Supporting a progressive Turkey

Friday 26th of may, 5pm-6:30pm



Ergonomics : Free Performance of Rocio Berenguer   Thursday 25th of may, 9pm-9:30pm
Nuit Immersive of Tracks/ARTE and ADAMI [SOLD OUT] Thursday 25th of may, 9pm-00:00
Radio Live : A new generation on the mic   Friday 26th of may, 7pm-8:30pm  


Do Lab 1 : express yourself ! 


The new media : a new generation of political engagement

Thursday 25th of may, 10:30am-12:00


150 minutes to prototype your media project (Media Maker training 1/2)

Thursday 25th of may, 1pm-3:30pm


 Develop your media business plan (Media Maker training 2/2)

Friday 26th of may, 10:30am-1pm


Public speaking workshop

Thursday 25th of may, 4pm-6pm

Do Lab 2 : from the smart city to the resilient metropolis


Warm up Ouishare Fest : “Cities of the world, unite!”

Thursday 25th of may, 10:30am-1pm


Carte blanche : breathing life into Lisbon (Case study)

Thursday 25th of may, 1:30pm-3pm


 Cultural Changemakers : Socially-conscious, cost-efficient and locally-coordinated: a new form of innovation

Thursday 25th of may, 3:30pm-4:30pm


 MakeSense Room : Sustainable City or World City ?

Thursday 25th of may, 5pm-6:30pm

Do Lab 3 : inventing the public action of the future


 Design : a new stimulant for the renewal of public policy

Friday 26th of may, 10:30pm-12:00


  Participative budgets : a weapon in the fight for the future of European Democracy ?

Friday 26th of may, 1pm-2:30pm

Do Lab 4 : regain control over our digital lives


Data basic income : what’s the value of our data?

Friday 26th of may, 1:30pm-4pm


Riot in the matrix

Friday 25th of may, 4:30-6:30pm


Carte blanche to Rádio Quântica #1

Thursday 25th of may, 8pm-8:45pm

Battle de Links

Thursday 25th of may, 9pm-10:15pm

Links Not Bombs

Friday 26th of may, 6pm-7pm

Cultural Changemakers

Friday 26th of may, 3pm-4pm

Tracks — 20th anniversary show !

Thursday 25th of may, 10:30pm-00:00

Artists and Politics : the break-up

Friday 26th of may, 4:45pm-5:45pm

Carte Blanche to Rádio Quântica #2

Friday 26th of may, 4pm-4:45pm

Spotlight on living journalism 

Friday 26th of may, 3:30pm-4:15pm



Carte blanche to Lisbonne

Every year, Nuits Sonores and the European Lab Forum give free rein to a chosen city with a view to showcasing its artistic and cultural vitality. At the 2017 edition, a programme of events will be dedicated to the beautiful city of Lisbon !

We are Europe

European Lab invited Reworks Agora (Thessaloniki, Greece) in 2016, c/o pop Convention (Cologne, Germany) and Elevate - Discourse & Activism (Graz, Austria) on the theme of cultural entrepreneurship. This year, we invite Reworks Agora(Thessalonique, Greece) and TodaysArt symposium (The Hague, Netherlands) to propose a program of reflection on the role of culture in the city of the future.

Bookshop Archipel CDCU

Archipel Librairie is a bookshop specialized in architecture, urban planning, design and culture. She will propose a selection of works echoing the programming of the forum.

Future Divercities

Demo at Quai des Arts

Future Divercities is a mobile app developed at the European level by the 1D Lab cooperative, which aims to foster geolocalized cultural contents, based on discovery and fair remuneration for creators.