Part of the Carte blanche : Lisbon programme


Rádio Quântica is a web-based radio station that was founded in 2015 by artists Photonz and Violet. Serving as a mouthpiece for the Portuguese underground art scene, Rádio Quântica represents a long-established movement in Lisbon made up by DJs, music labels, musicians, collectors, agitators and activists of Portuguese and lusophone origin.


Lisbon’s underground mosaic – from the 90s boom to today’s heterogeneous community


  • The rave boom in the early nineties, its main players and internationalization
  • Voxx, XFM, Oxigénio and the role of the underground radio in the Lisbon scene from the early ninteties until the mid noughties
  • Today’s multitude of different crews, labels, parties,venues, cultural associations and galleries
  • The inclusive and political approach of Rádio Quântica