Stunned by Donald Trump’s rise to become leader of the world’s most powerful nation, reaction of the media and social networks has consisted of putting the post-truth era on trial, hunting out fake-news and attempting to explain the inexplicable. The world’s media are shaken, and have only served to spread fear throughout Europe over which country will be next. However, certain voices can be heard above the general hysteria. They include Pierre Haski and philosopher Michael Foessel, who believe that the presence of a “common enemy” represents the opportunity to redefine and reaffirm the foundations of the European project. So, what if this latest setback for global democracy is actually a unique opportunity for reinvention?


With citizen initiatives springing up across the European territory, it is high time for governments and authorities to put an end to their divisions and to rea rm the pressing need for a renewal of the European project. One that will take place out of the earshot of those beating the drum for inward-looking individualism. The current climate provides an opportunity to view the American continent di erently, to take inspiration from the good that can come out of these troubled times while supporting the emergence of fresh ideas around which new worlds are soon to be formed.