By Rocio Berenguer and Marja Freigang


Ergonomics: exploring the urban body. Ergonomics reconsiders contemporary urban actions and explores the issue of the future relationship between our bodies and our cities in the digital era. Ergonomics is a live spectacle: the “Ergoconference”, part-dance performance, part-conference, an on-stage incarnation of the body interacting with the city. Ergonomics is also a video installation: “The practical guide to using your body in the public space.”


Just like so many other works of contemporary art, the formal expression of Ergonomics is the “exhibition”, by which it contributes to “contemporary anxieties” about the world today. Within the sort of naturalised “realism” that results from the development of techno-sciences and new forms of marketing, there lies an elementary function of art, an amoral function – if there ever was one – that is an indisputable and necessary part of our social fabric. Ergonomics is a transmedia project that, through a process of research and creation, takes on the form of the “Ergolab”, a participatory research laboratory. Through Ergonomics, we wish to raise awareness on the issue of the future of our bodies and our cities in the digital era.


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Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains –
Décalab, Studio art/science/technologie