We’re delighted to introduce the very first Nuit Immersive!


Nuit Immersive is the brainchild of Tracks, and will be organized by Adami and European Lab for the European Lab Forum 2017.


What is the Nuit Immersive?


Featuring the interactive contributions of a selection of unique and pioneering artists, the Nuit Immersive will be a night like no other. No seats or popcorn-holders, no stages or “fourth walls”, the Nuit Immersive will instead plunge you the public into the heart of the creative process and invite you to move around and explore this interactive performance as best you see fit. Advanced warning: here, the sign clearly states “PLEASE DO TOUCH”!


One central theme: the body 


This first edition of the Nuit Immersive will be dedicated to the body, that last domain of freedom in a world where we are increasingly under control. Originating from Belgium, Germany, Spain and France, the participating performance artists shares one key concern: a determination to place the body – either their own or that of the public – at the centre of their creations.

And why? Because our connected lives are disconnecting us! Sucked into our digital screens, those enigmatic black mirrors, every day we lose further touch with reality. The average citizen in the western world dedicates over 100,000 hours of their lives to staring at a screen, the equivalent of 12 years. The Nuit Immersive will play its part in narrowing that reality gap. Climb aboard, head off on a journey and immerse yourself in new worlds and real experiences.


Two floors of pure immersion


The experience will start with the five artists simultaneously embarking on the creative process in two separate studios at the Subsistances in Lyon. Members of the public are free to move from one artist to the next at any point. When the time comes, the artists will then invite you to take control of their works. Conduct a digital orchestra, guide a dancer, take a class in the erotic Japanese art of bondage, tackle an assault course inspired by buzz wires, or dive into the sonic abyss of your own body: tonight, you are the star!



In parallel to the performances, the Arte media group’s cultural magazine Tracks will be screening the premiere of “Videotrip”. Produced especially for the event, this one-off montage gathers together the finest Tracks reports dedicated to the art of immersion and the body.


Find out more about Tracks


Ever since it was first broadcast on Arte back in 1997, Tracks has been scouring the world in search of artists capable of pushing back the boundaries of their disciplines. These creators – including musicians, graphic artists and directors – have turned their lives into unique enigmas, which Tracks is only too happy to decipher and, at the same time, expose the cultural shockwaves triggered by their works. By showcasing these human adventures, for 20 years the programme has been providing a platform for the avant garde, a strand of art that, although initially ignored by the worlds of marketing and official culture, has since become a fresh component of those industries. From time to time, Tracks is transported from screen to reality, in the form of special events featuring the very best of the unique artists profiled on the show. These have included the “Festival des Mondes Hors-Pistes” with Agnes B in 2008 and the “Tracks Cirkus” at the 104 in 2010. The Nuit Immersive will be another live celebration of a show that teaches us to expand our horizons and embrace the future with open arms!


Produced by Program33, Tracks is broadcast on ARTE every Friday night at around 11pm.


Find out more about the programme on its official website and social network channels.