As a seemingly ever-growing proportion of citizens fall out of love with the European project, it is sometimes hard to identify those who still believe in the hope of a reinvented Europe.
Yet over 3 million young Europeans have benefitted from the Erasmus programme since its creation in 1987, meaning that a considerable section of the continent’s young population carry within them the promise of a free and open European future that is ready to be reinvented. Young activists are springing up everywhere, a community that more faithfully embodies the notion of European citizenship than their elders have ever managed.
Far beyond the walls of the polarising European institutions, young people who embrace the ideals of their peers are rallying together and taking action to redefine the foundations and values of an inclusive project.
Far removed from the world of European treaties, these young people are breaking down boundaries in their efforts to construct a better future for Europe around the concepts of movement and the sharing of common values.