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    Meet & Greet
    Creative entrepreneurs meeting
    Lyon, France
    8 february, Le Sucre



    Elevate festival   
    Gaz, Autriche
    02 to 05 march 2016



    Meet & Greet
    Creative entrepreneurs meeting
    Lyon, France
    12 april, Le Sucre



    Resonate festival 
    Belgrade, Serbie
    April 2016



    European Lab forum 2017
    Lyon, France
    25 to 26 may 2017



    Meet & Greet
    Creative entrepreneurs meeting
    Lyon, France
    7 june, Le Sucre



    Sonar Festival 
    Barcelona, Spain
    15 to 18 june 2017



    c/o pop Festival 
    Cologne, Germany
    23 to 27 august 2017



    La Haye, The Netherlands
    21 to 24 september 2017



    Tromsø, Norway
    26 to 28 october 2017

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    Nargesse Bibimoune

    Writer | France Speaker


    Nargesse is a student. Having grown up in Givors, she started writing a chronicle on Facebook on the life of a young resident of a housing estate named You. Entitled Dans la peau d’un thug (‘In the skin of a thug’), the blog soon attracted 20,000 readers and was later adapted into a book. The language of the book is vibrant and diverse. This is perfectly in keeping with Nargesse, who is equally comfortable wearing a veil as she is sporting body piercings.

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