On the occasion of the 2017 European Lab Forum, and in recognition of its partnership with the United Nations, MakeSense is inviting the public to enjoy a broadcast on Sustainable Cities.


Firstly, some background details :
— 1984 : the year of the unveiling of the Macintosh, the rst grand failure of electronics designer Steve Jobs. Paradoxically, the year is also the title and setting of George Orwell’s prophetic novel.
— 2017 : over half of the world’s population live in cities. The interconnection of a number of big cities has been achieved, in no small part thanks to the tools developed by Steve Jobs.


All the current trends are leading us down a path towards the internet of things, connected lifestyles, and cities and citizens
of the world, driven by the development of new technologies and data. The intended result is an improvement and optimisation of our relationship with the city. However, fundamental issues such as mobility, the environment, agriculture and governance risk being le behind.

Are we building the city, or is the city consuming us ?

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