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    Meet & Greet
    Creative entrepreneurs meeting
    Lyon, France
    8 february, Le Sucre



    Elevate festival   
    Gaz, Autriche
    02 to 05 march 2016



    Meet & Greet
    Creative entrepreneurs meeting
    Lyon, France
    12 april, Le Sucre



    Resonate festival 
    Belgrade, Serbie
    April 2016



    European Lab forum 2017
    Lyon, France
    25 to 26 may 2017



    Meet & Greet
    Creative entrepreneurs meeting
    Lyon, France
    7 june, Le Sucre



    Sonar Festival 
    Barcelona, Spain
    15 to 18 june 2017



    c/o pop Festival 
    Cologne, Germany
    23 to 27 august 2017



    La Haye, The Netherlands
    21 to 24 september 2017



    Tromsø, Norway
    26 to 28 october 2017

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    Marine Ulrich

    10 Générations pour la culture | France Speaker


    Marine Ulrich is the spokesperson for the 10 Generations for Culture collective. Passionate about the links between culture and society, Marine ULRICH runs the agency Bazar Artistique, winner of the call for projects "Temporary artistic sites" of the SNCF. In 2018, she will transform a 1500 m2 industrial brownfield into a shared workshop for a 42-day Creative Marathon. Marine is co-founder of PULSAR, the OpenArtPrize launched in September 2017 at Station F. She is co-author of a Manifesto inviting you to reinvent the places of culture in the 21st century.


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    Les Subsistances • Quai des Arts

    8 bis, quai Saint-Vincent
    Lyon 1er


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