In an era of round-the-clock current affairs coverage, live reporting and continuous newsfeeds, media stakeholders are progressively reinventing the journalistic profession.

There is, however, a movement that has emerged in response to these new practices, offering a different perspective and a fresh narrative form, while reviving the traditional forms of reading or listening to current affairs content. 

These new media, proudly flying the flag for “slow journalism”, include journals such as XXI and 6mois. The latter has organised the International Festival of Living Journalism in the Lot-et-Garonne region of France, “to discuss the world, to build narratives based on true stories, and to involve festival-goers and the wider public in a ‘living’ journalism”. It is a bold mission, for an ambitious and stimulating project.

Radio Live, presented by Caroline Gillet and Aurélie Charon, is an enhanced radio programme that will invite a new generation of stakeholders and activists to take their turn behind the microphone.

It is about bringing stories to life, and distancing ourselves from a world of journalism that is too often associated with remote and obsolete analysis.