Part of the Carte blanche : Lisbon programme


Radio Quantica is a platform founded in 2015 that aims to be a safe, communal haven for underground Portuguese artists and activists to make their voice heard. It was started by Portuguese artists Photonz and Violet, who have 12 combined years of experience in online, local and national radio, together with a group of artists and crews that continuously elevate our scene to new heights.


This internet radio station is the manifestation of a non-local grassroots movement that has been going on for quite some years now. It includes DJs, labels, crews, music makers, collectors, scene agitators and equality activists that are of Portuguese or Lusophone origin.


Vanguard aspirations in a conservative city
  • Misogyny and gender inequality in the Lisbon underground, past and present – and how some groups are trying to tackle that
  • The sound of Lisbon’s ghettos as an emancipatory movement for opressed communities – a focus on racism and our colonial past
  • LGBTQA+ emancipation through underground culture: the theatre companies, galleries, parties, clubs and personalities making a difference
  • Fighting against the persistence of an apolitical neutrality in the masses through art, club politics and social media
Participants: Violet, Photonz, Sonja, Varela, Black, Nuno Patrício, João Manuel Oliveira (Quantica broadcaster and gender equality scholar via Skype)